Advanced MTA: Lung Metal


The Fusion Course

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Course recording is first available on Mar. 2, 2024

1. General Introduction

Welcome to our journey through Master Tung’s Acupuncture (MTA), a distinctive approach to acupuncture that diverges from traditional methods. In this system, we categorize acupoints not by the conventional 14 channels, but through a unique focus on Zang-fu organs. This shift in perspective offers a deeper understanding of the body's systems, as exemplified by acupoints like Ling Gu and Da Bai, which are integral to the lung system.

Central to our study is the theory of the five elements and Zang-fu organs, a cornerstone of MTA that offers a more nuanced understanding than the traditional 14 channels theory. This course, which I've meticulously designed based on extensive research and clinical experience, delves into the majority of MTA points, offering a comprehensive exploration of this innovative system.

This module is crafted for both the novice and the seasoned practitioner, aiming to broaden your knowledge and sharpen your skills in treating the Metal-Lung system disorders using MTA methodologies.

2. Course Structure
  1. Total Study Hours:  14 hours 

  2. Webinar/Recording: appr. 7 hours 

  3. Assignment: 6 cases study, 4 hours. 

  4. Feedback and Discussion, 1 hour

  5. Test, 1 hour

    • 75 scores are required to pass the test. 

    • Quiz (100 scores), 60 min, accounts for 40% 

    • Assignment: Case studies  (100 scores), account for 60%

    • Example

      • Quiz: 40 scores

      • Assignment: 100 scores

      • Total: 40*40% + 100*60% = 76, which means you passed and will get the certificate.

  6. ECTs: 0.5

  7. Certificate: A course certificate will be issued if you pass the text

  8. Materials: slides/handout, related research articles

  9. Part of the Advanced Acupuncture Styles which is required in all Master-level Programs.