Advanced MTA: Spleen-earth System and Six Fu Organs


The Fusion Course

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1. General Introduction

Within the MTA framework, we delve into the profound philosophies and techniques associated with the functions of Taiyin and Yangming, the primary Earth-element channels. Our approach focuses on harmonizing these channels, reducing the restraining influence of the Wood-Liver, and promoting the optimal functioning of the gallbladder and stomach. This holistic approach aims to eliminate dampness, damp-heat, and phlegm from all Fu-organs, effectively restoring balance to the Earth-Spleen system.

Acupuncture, a cornerstone of TCM, has demonstrated remarkable efficacy in addressing various digestive and systemic disorders. It effectively treats functional indigestion, gastric acid regurgitation, IBS, and even alleviates the side effects of chemotherapy.

This comprehensive course provides an in-depth analysis of the Earth-Spleen system's physiology and pathology, shedding light on its intricate interactions with other organs. Grasping these profound concepts is essential for effective TCM treatment and forms a cornerstone of our MTA curriculum.

This course is meticulously designed to provide a comprehensive and profound understanding of this essential system. It caters to both seasoned practitioners and newcomers to the field of acupuncture, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to more effectively address kidney system disorders using MTA's unique approaches.

This module is crafted for both the novice and the seasoned practitioner, aiming to broaden your knowledge and sharpen your skills in treating the Wood-Liver system using MTA methodologies.

2. Course Structure
  1. Total Study Hours:  420 min. = 7 hours 

  2. Webinar/Recording: 3.5 hours i.e. 210 min for a course 

  3. Assignment: 3 cases study, 120 min. 

  4. Feedback and Discussion, 30 min

  5. Test

    • 75 scores are required to pass the test. 

    • Quiz (100 scores), 60 min, accounts for 40% 

    • Assignment: Case studies  (100 scores), account for 60%

    • Example

      • Quiz: 40 scores

      • Assignment: 100 scores

      • Total: 40*40% + 100*60% = 76, which means you passed and will get the certificate.

  6. ECTs: 0,25

  7. Certificate: A course certificate will be issued if you pass the text

  8. Materials: slides/handout, related research articles

  9. Part of the Advanced Acupuncture Styles which is required in all Master-level Programs.